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Who are EXP?

At Exp we have the eye and the experience to deliver strong visual messages across a variety of media platforms. We're small, so promise to deliver personalised service at affordable rates. We’ll look to your strengths and successes to make an immediate impression on first-time customers. We’ll help you stand out among competitors, and make sure your message is consistent. The identity we help you to craft will be meaningful to both your company and to your clients.  

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Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest are just a few of the social media sites that we use to help you engage with your audience. Whether a simple page skin through to content strategy, delivery and engagement - our team have it covered.
We don’t want to steal someone else’s phrase, but we think it applies to social media – “you’ve got to be in it to win it”. Lots of our clients say to us, what’s the point, we don’t get it? It’s ok – our team of experts do.

Like anything new, there are people who embrace it, there are others that will dip their toe in and wait, and there are people who will take a while to consider it, or may never embrace it at all. Whichever you are – ignore social media at your peril.

Setting up accounts is one thing – making it work for you is another. We help our clients create the winning strategy advising on which social media sites will work best for them.

You can tweet and post till the cows come home, but we think it’s better to have the right content and a plan. That way, your effort is rewarded by improved SEO (search engines now look for social media content), your customers will love you more, and you will increase brand awareness.

If used correctly, it’s a great way to engage with your customers, find information, build a community and essentially – increase your sales.

Without using social media, you’re really missing out. Dive in and give yourself a chance of ‘winning’ – like the saying goes.

Here are a few things to give you an idea where we can help:User Experience, Writing for the web, Content strategy, Theme design.