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Who are EXP?

At Exp we have the eye and the experience to deliver strong visual messages across a variety of media platforms. We're small, so promise to deliver personalised service at affordable rates. We’ll look to your strengths and successes to make an immediate impression on first-time customers. We’ll help you stand out among competitors, and make sure your message is consistent. The identity we help you to craft will be meaningful to both your company and to your clients.  

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Whether its Pay Per Click campaigns or natural search techniques we can help your website get seen by the right people in the right market. We can target even the smallest campaigns to get an effective ROI and analyse the performance of each campaign using a variety of analytic tools.
It’s one thing having a smart looking website, but if no one can find you, then it’s not much value.

We design websites so they are optimised for SEO, yet search engines such as Google keep us on our toes. We are always keeping up-to-date on the latest techniques.

If you want to be at the number one spot on Google, then SEO plays an important role. Fresh content, key words, links, and other methods tell Google you are important and should be page one for your target search.

Some say it’s a dark art, but it’s not, it’s quite simple, but you have to keep an eye on the latest algorithms (how search engines calculate), and you have to do it often. This is how Google keeps us on our toes, and why clients choose to work with us – we know our stuff.

We help our clients create SEO strategies that set out when the website should be found, who they are targeting and where they want to appear. There are various ways to reach the top, whether you invest in Google AdWords, or utilise organic search SEO techniques, we advise on the best approach for your business and goals.

Make your website work for you. Get found, and drive traffic to increase your sales. Like we said before, a website is no good if no one can find you.