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Who are EXP?

At Exp we have the eye and the experience to deliver strong visual messages across a variety of media platforms. We're small, so promise to deliver personalised service at affordable rates. We’ll look to your strengths and successes to make an immediate impression on first-time customers. We’ll help you stand out among competitors, and make sure your message is consistent. The identity we help you to craft will be meaningful to both your company and to your clients.  

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You have your brand, you know who your customers are, yet how are you going to engage with them? Our team of experts help you create marketing communication plans to tell people that you exist and create a buzz about your brand.
If everyone knows what the plan is – you have a much better chance of getting there.
If you want to dive in, that’s great, but we think having a plan lets you dive in, know how to reach the other side, and how long it will take. It also means that as an owner, or director of the business, you can distil this information to the rest of the team.Great marketing communication plans start with knowing who you are talking to, how they listen, and what you need to say. We look at both online and offline activities for your brand to resonate with your customers. If you need a social media strategy – we can help. If you need a great looking e-marketing campaign – we do that too.Whatever promotional activity is needed, we embrace it.

We recognise that a picture may speaks a thousand words, yet amazing copy can make or break a marketing campaign.

Copywriting plays a big role in marketing communications. Whilst we help clients with stunning designs, we can make sure that what you are saying hits the spot too.

This applies to all other aspects of marketing communications. We offer support with PR, internal communications, bid documents, e-marketing and social media. There are loads of ways to market your business. We help you identify the best promotional tactics for you and attract new business.

We work with you on short-term projects, or long term plans – working as your marketing team or as support to your in-house experts. Whichever you choose, we make sure that each campaign clearly represents your brand and offers great results.